Welcome to your community's JavaScript package host

To host a new package

  1. Zip up the package files
    Git (recommended)

    If your project is using git for source control, this method gives the most control over creating a distributable zip package.

    Create a new file in your repo called .gitattributes. Add any other files or folders to this file that you don't want to export into your package. And then commit the file to source control:

    echo "/tmp export-ignore
    .gitattributes export-ignore
    .gitignore export-ignore" >> .gitattributes
    git add .gitattributes
    git commit -m "Created .gitattributes"

    And now export your package:

    git archive --format zip --output ../example.zip master
    svn export file:///path/to/exmaple example
    zip -r example.zip example

    The following works from the command line in Mac and Linux.

    It also works from the command prompt in Windows after you download and install the zip command line utility.

    zip -vr example.zip example/ -x "*.DS_Store" -x "*.git*" -x "*.svn*"
  2. Upload the Zip file